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    Yes We Can - Emergency Canned Water: 100-Year Shelf Life

    Yes We Can - Emergency Canned Water: 100-Year Shelf Life

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    Yes We Can - Emergency Canned Water is a life-saving source of purified water with a shelf life of 100 years. Our emergency canned water is safe, affordable, and reliable, keeping you prepared when access to clean water is interrupted or when disasters strike. 

    Its primary use is during emergencies - earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, power outages, blizzards, and typhoons. It is also an excellent addition to any survival or preparedness kit, and the perfect companion to accompany you during camping, hiking, and rural adventures. No matter the reason, our emergency canned water prepares you for any challenge that comes your way.

    Whether you're organizing a humanitarian aid initiative or an emergency preparedness program, Yes We Can - Emergency Canned Water will provide peace of mind during temporary water service interruptions. Through our "Ship When We Can" model, we provide you an easy and convenient way to get the water you need no matter where you are. 

    Our Process

    The Yes We Can - Emergency Canned Water undergoes a comprehensive purification process, beginning with advanced filtration techniques—sediment and activated carbon filters, followed by a five-stage reverse osmosis, UV sterilization, and ozonation—to ensure the highest levels of purity and safety.

    After purification, our water enters a secret refinement phase to optimize quality. In the canning stage, we infuse the water with nitrogen, a critical step that preserves freshness and ensures a crisp taste. This nitrogen infusion not only extends the shelf life by displacing oxygen, preventing oxidation and degradation, but also enhances the water's palatability. Each can is then meticulously quality checked, hermetically sealed to lock in purity and freshness, and ready for any emergency.

    Our detailed and careful process, including the strategic use of nitrogen, guarantees that every can of water is clean, safe, and maintains its quality over time.


    • Free Shipping: Select "Ship When We Can" for cost-free delivery. We dispatch your order when it's ready, ensuring a stress-free process.
    • Instant Shipping: Need it sooner? Opt for our paid instant shipping for expedited delivery.

    * Orders placed through the "Ship When We Can" model will be fulfilled within 2 - 4 months.

    Can Dimensions

    Capacity: 355mL
    Diameter: 58mm
    Height: 155mm

    Storage Instructions

    To maintain the sterility and integrity of your canned water, adhere to these storage recommendations:

    • Avoid Freezing: Store cans in a location where they won't freeze. Freezing can compromise the can's seal and sterility.
    • Sunlight and Heat: Keep cans in a cool, dark environment. Exposure to heat and sunlight can affect the can's sterility.
    • Away from Strong Scents and Chemicals: Place cans in an area separate from strong scents or chemicals to prevent potential contamination. Ensure the storage area is clean and well-ventilated.

    These precautions help ensure the water remains sterile and safe for use in any situation.

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    • Emergency Preparedness

      A must-have for Emergency Kits in homes, vehicles, and public institutions, ensuring access to sterile water during crises.

    • Disaster Relief

      Critical for delivering immediate, safe emergency water by First Responders and Relief Organizations after natural disasters.

    • Storage Flexibility

      Versatile storage options including Homes, Offices, Schools, and Emergency Shelters, ensuring readiness in various environments.

    • Donations

      Essential for Community Food Banks, disaster-affected areas, and Non-Profit Organizations, providing vital support with emergency water.

    • Emergency Kits

      Essential for inclusion in Emergency Preparedness Kits, Earthquake Survival Kits, Family Emergency Bags, and Personal Survival Gear for immediate access to clean, sterile water.

    • Outdoor Activities

      Ideal for Hiking, Camping, Fishing, and Hunting trips where access to clean water might be uncertain. Provides a safe, convenient hydration solution without the worry of contamination.